Physical Science is a course that teaches about its primary branches which are Physics and Chemistry- both which brings an advantage to the daily lives of human. Chemistry, in particular, is necessary to be comprehended as it functions as a solution that can bring life to many solutions ane compositions of atoms ane molecules amd this can be found to literally every person, feelings and objects that surrounds an individual. The performance task that was conducted was able to indicate the sense in studying chemistry and it stresses out that chemistry is in everything an individual needed in his life. Fuel, Household products and Personal care are just three out of the many that most individuals have little observation about its relation to chemistry, and thus, this only proves that the task bestowed upon the class presented an evidence and an example that chemistry is literally everywhere. Those specimen and products that were discussed are a solutions that also have physical and chemical properties which when mixed together can provide a product of a sole function with a beneficial purpose for the consumers. Learning about its components like its raw materials, the process of its harnessing and the modes of action that can be done to it generated an interesting knowledge within the class.

Throughout the discussion, there were moments where it would be surprising because of the many presented unimaginable and astonishing facts about the products, bith specifically and generally. One instance is that, the concept of making a battery started to form an idea argument about frog’s legs and that the name ‘battery’ means a group of weapons used together in military terms. Another interessting fact from battery which surprise tge class was that an experiment can be made and create a battery out of potatoes. Other than that, the personal care product of toothpaste can be used as a remedy to pimples and other minimal facial concerns, some also use toothpaste as a cleaning material to remove stains out of a cloth or some tiles as well. Moreover, a volcano ash is an organic component of another personal care product which helps moisturize, freshen and beautifies the skin through face masks. It can also be used as a compound for making a solution that can cure some light diseases. Finally,  a trivia that is entertaining revealed that 70% of hydrothermal energy came form Washington D.C.

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