Three little pigs

The day is dry and sunny when a mother and a wife’s heart is beating so hard, breathing heavily yet no tears and scream can come out of her voice, when the body of his husband, the father of her three children, flashed in front of her being burned and roasted to feed a king.

She is drowning in bereavement but she cannot spill the news out to her three little pigs or they will be shattered worse than how shattered she is being. Thus, the mother pig stood up and wore a mask of happy mother amidst the sunny day with its dark aura and went home to tell her little pigs a new fabricated news.

As she arrived, she delivered the excuse she crafted on her way home, telling the three pigs should go out, find their life and seek their fortune, giving them the only money she saved her entire life. As she watch the backs of the excited and the happiest three little pigs, she let out the heavy sobs she was trying to conceal, then she left the house and wander the woods. Never seen again.

The silver moon loomed through the night, the heavy breathing and the grumble of a hungry stomach of a sick, dying young wolf was heard through the silence of the dark. While his father wolf was crying amidst his hunger, worried his son might die sooner. Hence, tomorrow

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