How TO make blueberry cheesecake

While growing up, the truth behind the cartoons you used to watch begins to reveal the real face of life, and it is a mean girl dressed with innocence. The walks became steeper and narrower, and the innocence will be dirtied with the brutality of mind, mouth and eyes. Notwithstanding the existence of explicitness in life, you should remember that there still lies a calming benevolence amidst the raging ocean.

To be happy, the first thing you have to do is to recognize the sadness you cannot name. It is an entity in the universe you need to define and acknowledge, because it is the rumpelstiltskin you can’t unravel. Perhaps the heart of your melancholy is that you cannot reconnect with who you used to be, thus, you missed the days in the seesaw when the sun was setting and the autumn leaves are falling, and the days when you hear lullabies while you sleep.

Once you have named the rumpelstiltskin that worries your being, you will have to  open the eyes of your eyes. You should listen to your soul as it whispers that what you yearned for is contentment and appreciation instead of perfecting yourself to fit to society’s standards. You shall open the eyes of your eyes and give life another glance, let your heart awaken to the transforming power of gratefulness.

Lastly, you should learn that happiness and success are two universes apart, although they meet at some ends and they might have close appearances, eternal bliss and success are different. And you should choose eternal bliss over constant success. Eternal bliss is a universe filled with the heaven of life dventure, calmness and peacefulness.And it steps on the earth of memories and appreciation, this world will reveal the beauty and magic in everything while constant success requires continuous work and time for maintainnance. Do not try to remake yourself into something you’re not, but make the best out of what God made. 

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