2000 chronicles

Year 2000- the biggest phenomenon that brought consciousness and wake to the universe and to the world, the day these eyes laid on the most beautiful strong woman she could imagine, singing the cry of an angels brought in heaven. The year I was born. The year the world celebrate its turn of the millennium.

Many have happened when I was about to wake from my mind’s consciousness, while I was given life, 113 lost theirs when the Concorde crashed in France, which brought a phenomenal tragedy all around the world.

Year 2005- I took the first step to instilling the wisdom ans knowledge given by the school. It was when I bloom into a dandelion, ready to explore the different depths and sides of the world. I met different faces and different smiles. I was into my most invulnerable being, without fear and care in the world. This was the year I was taken into another dimension, another unfamiliar world, when I was almost taken into the world of elves. A vivid image of small little children that appeared from nowhere, laughing and running around near the balete tree, then in an instant I was unconscious and then no more memories came back about it.

Year 2012- I have to bid farewell to the laughters that bonded with my smile. I graduated from middle school, and I was aware it will be the time I have to leave my childhood and meet new friends. June 2012 it was raining and noises were all over the crowd, I was about to enter the new school that will hone the character of myself I was not yet able to find.

Year 2015- Amidst tge handsome tuxedos and glittering gowns are faces full of expectations ,glee and glamour. While I was dancing with another man I do not know, and the man I want to have all my dances with are lost in a different crowd, probably, painfully, dancing with another girl.

Year 2015- The first time I said ‘I love you’ with the readiness to commit myself with a person who has a hidden talent and perfection. This time, I know I was captivated with the spell that cursed me to fall in love.

Year 2015-2016- I was in the middle of letting go and holding on. I was in the middle of a confused mind and heart, worrying about whom among the two hearts should I keep.

Year 2016- 2017- The time i met the worst enemy I could ever have. The year I realized I was being strangled by the huge arms of depression. This was the year I was too afraid I might lost in the hallucination of pain and fear that I might find myself unnoticeable, burying a knife deep my heart and slashing it into my pulse. This was the year I found myself afraid, numb, unrecognizable, hollow.

Today- I am looking for myself.

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