Step 1:

Tears in the Bones of Earth by MDJ

The poem will probably be about the sorrow and difficulties of the people and the sufferings they went through from the hands of the past. Moreover, the tragic events or ill-fated phenomena that degrade the people of the society and the movements they have to go through to put an end to it.

Step 2: Paraphrase

After the history of women being derogated and vulnerable in the past, it is the time for them to know their worth and put an end to discrimination through empowering themselves and to not hide behind the back of men anymore. The million cries of women formed a strong movement that resulted for their voices to be heard. Deep within the demure beauty of women’s figure is a bold and daring personality that is eager to fight and compete with men’s physical and intellectual abilities. Women are emotional but that only defines their merciful heart, however, after they wiped their tears, they can stand up once again and pick themselves up in a different, better piece and become wiser and aware that they can’t let their guards down once again. Women will recognize their worth and once they did, they will only allow and trust those who are as worthy as them.

Step 3: Connotation

The poem tries to stress out that every woman carries the same essence of strength in their figure at the same time being gentle, soft and pure. They can show the world that they can use their sorrow to build their pieces in a new, stronger way.

The latter contains a rhyming pattern of Shakespearean Sonnet which is composed of ABABCDCDEFEFGG.

The poem is written in Old English, therefore there are unusual words that are seldom read in these days such as; stowed, thee, thou, thy, bosom, hath, chaseth, beauteous, heinous. Those words are included in the poem because those are the words that are appropriate to add spices in the imagination of the poem. The messages they convey in the poem is the strength hidden inside the beauty and grace of a woman.

The poetic devices used are; Allegory (short moral story), Enjambment (continuation to the next line), imagery, rhyme, mood, rhythm, theme, symbol and connotation.

These poetic devices are used to magnify the character of a poem. Through enjambment, the whole thought that was being conveyed is understood by finding the connection between lines. Imagery and symbol adds volume to the content to give vivid sensual effects to readers.Theme, Allegory and Connotation generates moral story and creative ideas to the poem to make it more effective. Rhyme and Rhythm gives artistry to the sound of the poem.


Thy every glitter of pearl builds a river

Art shapeless poetry hath bold and fierce present

Thus  tears that planted on earth’s ground blossom

For thee an angel who grows aristocratic grace

Thy worth is a plead of earth for her precious art

STEP 5: Shift

Thus tears planted on earth’s ground blossom

Art seeds of pearls in thy bones hang locket of crescent

A woman of heart and shoulders waste not time

For thee an angel who growst aristocratic grace

Thou must be chaseth and made a beauteous rhyme

Hence, only heavenly palms shall touch your face

We can see the shift of the mood of the character and the poem itself when at first it conveys that women shows gentleness and vulnerability from being emotional but deep inside hides a strong personality once it learned its lesson. After that women, will select only those who aee worthy of their trust.

Step 6: TITLE

The title ‘Tears in the Bones of Earth’ refers to a figurative meaning, the tears are their melancholy that is planted or fell on earth or the heart of a woman, once they got hurt and broken to pieces, they will pick up all their pieces again and build themselves the way they wanted to .Tears signifies the loving and merciful heart of a woman, which is why they are mistaken as vulnerable and is always described as emotional, gentle and graceful. Bones refers to the strength of a woman that’s buried deep in the orb of her heart, the symbol of Earth. Thus, Earth is the soul and the heart of a woman. To combine that figurative language, the tears that fell in the bones of earth means that the pain or sorrow of women waters their strength to grow out of themselves and become stronger and fiercer than they once was after experiencing all the forlorn.

Step 7: Theme

The literal subject of the poem is about all women and women empowerment.

The figurative subject of the poem is about women should learn how to fight for their rights, and how to value themselves. They should be selective while appreciative of those worthy to befriended and they must know that they can be fierce and bold.

The poem states that women are made of aristocratic grace and boldness of a raging river thus, the poem compares the literal and figurative subjects to emphasis the point of women empowerment.

The theme of the poem is all about the true essence of a woman and how they are made up of delicate and pure definition, as well as the highlight of their daring and competitive character. As a whole, it discusses about the true worth of a woman and it should be recognized and valued as well as how bold a true woman is.

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