Abitria Printing Press Inc. is a well-known printing press within Taguig city and Pasig City  especially for teachers. For 18 years, they have been printing test papers for the division of TAPAT, Raffle tickets, memorandums, brochures and other papers. Their printing press is popular especially for teachers and Deped workers. But do you know the story behind their successful business ?

Before, there was a teacher who works hard for her family, while her husband who works in a printing press, hardly makes enough money for them. They live in a small house in taguig and lives a normal life. There are times they lack budget and they need to borrow money.

Until an idea came to their mind. They have witnessed the success of the printing business, thus, they decided to take the risk and loan money then buy their very first printing machine. 

From the beginning, it was difficult to advertise their business. But with hardwork, perseverance and trust that they will succeed, they negotiate with other people and other teachers to print their test papers with them with a discount. Without a team, they started to be the ones who work for printing the papers. They work day and night, to submit before their customers deadline.

There are hard times when they have to budget their money to be able to pay for the machine, their loans and their necessities. But they never lose faith in their business and their goal, so they continue to negotiate and advertise until the good quality of their printing business until many clients aks for their service and their popularity went over the whole taguig city. Finally, their profit were able to exceed and were able to pay for their loans and buy more printing machines.

Later on they were able to buy another printing machines until they managed to build a whole shop, an office and and hire workers. Also, they live in an enormous house in taguig and celebrate christmas parties every year with their team. Now, their printing business went over the whole taguig city and some parts of Pasig and paranaque city.

The owner of Abitria Printing press inc. Are Ms. Loraine Abitria and Sr. Antonio Abitria. With their hard work, perseverance, trust, goals, and love for their customers and workers they were able to achieve the success of their business and maybe, in the future their business will grow as to the whole philipinnes. 


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