Shades of Color

I was living my typical Monday morning when I realized that every  girl I bumped into the hallways are all slaying their ‘kilays on fleek’ . I don’t know if that’s a new trend or if it’s been there before but when I learned how to watch all this Make-up tutorials that’s been all over the internet I also went obsessed and crazy about contours (which I badly need for my round-shaped face), smokey eye shadows or half-crease (that’ll perfect your look and all), and most especially the different lip tutorials!

Of everything that’s been in Youtube or compilations in Facebook, I loved the lipstick tutorials the most though I don’t know why. I can’t afford the oh-so-precious ‘Kylie Lip Kit’ or any shades of new lipstick for I am only an average sixteen year old that isn’t allowed to use lipstick yet, but using.

Lipstick nowadays is not what it used to be anymore, it is not just a single color but a variety of shades that is blended together to create an art that will suit your OOTD. So, here are my Do-It-Yourself Lipstick colors.



The first color that I invented creates a Metallic gold from a warm Sunday afternoon.

IMG_7925.JPG IMG_7931.JPG

From a lazy Sunday Afternoon I imagined myself out of the City for a while, resting somewhere around the rural watching from uphill how the beautiful Sun turned gold as it sets to kiss the ocean, splashing the colors of yellow, gold and chocolate shade that creates the perfect Sunset. Sunset is just plain breathtaking, and I know it would be beautiful if you get to wear it on your lips, smiling even in the end of the day.

And when the night begins to embrace the world,

IMG_7921.JPG img_7923

Everything- everyone will shine their brightest light, but it won’t mean I will be left behind. I know every star in the galaxy is to shine, I just need to be dragged down to my darkest to stand out.

And lastly,



at the times you are in your darkest ,the shade of the silvery moon will remind you it’s not talking to you alone. Look up to it and remember, that somewhere across the horizon someone’s looking right at it too.


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