Dreams Apart

I glanced outside the window and watched the beautiful typical scenery. Bunch of kids are outside playing outdoor games and riding bikes. Friends happily chatting, trees standing very green. Mothers passing by with grocery bags in their hands and it all happened beneath the sky ceiling. What a wonderful world I’m living in. Then it strikes my head, if we really are alone in this universe, why are we? Isn’t it possible that the two of us exists somewhere else?

Couples living in from both ends of the world could be having the hardest time being in a long distance relationship. Being miles apart and yet can’t do anything when they misses each other so bad. One is sick and the other can’t take care of him. Spent holidays and anniversaries apart, and in times they have been together and have to get separated again everything becomes misty and the only thing that reminds them that they’re true are photographs and souvenirs. Then if they met again, there would be no single minute that one hasn’t thought or worried of losing the other one at the end of the day.

Long distance is hard but it’s possible. The only thing that’s keeping them apart from each other are miles of distance. Miles separating you apart is hard enough, how much more if you’re universes apart? It is common knowledge that we only have one universe but for me we have two.

One, is above those skies and the other, lies beyond our minds.

That’s where he lives. In the second universe. Inside my mind. In my dreams. That’s how we’re separated. Being dreams apart is the hardest, the barrier between the two of you is the fact that you’re not real. The fact that we’re both existing, but there’s no “us.” The fact that all that’s going on are just wishes.

So sometimes that I want to be with him his presence in my thoughts is enough to find consolation. His imaginary hug is all the warmth I’m ever going to need during the freezing rainy days. Talking to the moon is the only way I find to communicate with him.

And at times I’m choking back sobs the only thing I can do is to wish him to have an amazing day whenever mine is not.


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