If the Thunder roars, growl back.

You could see the beads of sweat trickling down his temple and his eyes move quickly as if checking on everything. He balled his fists tightly and gulped once, but despite of it he looks normal like nothing bothers him. However, what’s inside his chest is a raging storm and Every beat of his heart sounds like a thunder roaring. Worries encircle him but he managed to battle that negative thought.

Inside our strong exterior are mini versions of ourselves from a boat on a raging ocean of pain, fear, worries and disheartenment. There may be reasons to be scared; we might fall and we might drown. Sometimes the thunder bellows and give us the fright or how big the mouth of the waves are. It made us physically and emotionally drained, made us hopeless and restless. There will always be instances and reasons to be down and to lose hope. It’s okay. We can’t avoid those as we can’t avoid the disasters from coming but we must never be discourage.

In the midst of snarling waves, we should have the will to keep holding on and not be carried away with the splash. Beneath the dark horrific skies we must picture a sunny day above the glittering ocean at the back of our minds to inspirit us that we can survive. That there are colors remained even if  it’s just imagination.

If you knew it already that the sea will engulf you, do not drown yourself more. Swim away then gasp for air. If your surroundings bury you to the ground, dig yourself up. If you’re worried, do not be discouraged. You’ll scare yourself more, instead, scare them back.


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