A Lone Tree.

I am on my way home from school,beads of sweat trickles down my neck because of the burning sun above me. My eyebrows are knitted and my face could totally tell how tired I am of all the work I have yet to do. Sometimes I am on the verge of giving up from walking this far everyday, from all the works they put on my shoulders, from everything. Then, from the corner of my eye I saw one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. A picture that tells a thousand words. A painting that tells a beautiful past, an inspiring story. A Lone Tree.



I have been walking this way home ever since. With all the cars that drives this way everyday, of all the people that walks with me, of all the thoughts that run my mind, I haven’t notice this tree before. But now, I appreciate it despite of a tiring day and the hot weather where I am like walking in the desert, I have found a fountain of hope.

When I saw this lone tree, I looked at my surroundings. I am in a civilized place where there are tall buildings, cemented houses, cars passing by and teenage girls who talk about their crushes. But instead, what I saw are tall grasses that turns into gold as the sunset was close. There are no cars or buildings, just a lovely meadow that looks golden because of the sunset. It is like autumn. And in the far end is where the tree is standing- and it is not alone. In both of its sides are trees that made it three in total.  The trees look so peaceful. Until the tree from the right was cut down by men to be sold in the market, the other was cut down too. And the tree in the middle remained standing.

I know the tree is still young, but that is what I picture in my mind while looking at it. The lone tree is the last one standing. I am not going crazy here. What I meant is when I looked around the tree was surrounded of a modern age where the ground is cemented instead of a grass and the tree is like the only natural thing. It is like a picture of a past visited the future or the present with a hint of the past. It is like standing after all the changes you went through. It is like remaining tall after every one around you surrendered, after every one has left. It is like the toughest to be the last one standing

Can you also appreciate the beauty of this lone tree in the midst of changes? Can you also stand alone with your head held high in the crowd of similar people?Can you also be tough? Can you also be unique and live with it?

Because a Lone tree can still make it to  look beautiful and green even if everything turns gray.

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