How I travel through different Dimensions, Time, Bodies, Galaxies and Lives.

In my almost sixteen years of existence, I already traveled different universes in different times. Machines didn’t help me do it, books did.

Reading builds me my own time machine and airplane. It gives me my own wings that helped me travel through different time lapses, dimensions, places and worlds from different galaxies. My mind has entered thousands of bodies, enacts different characters, turned to different faces. I’ve met a lot of friends and enemies. Been to many families, lived and been welcomed to lovely homes.

I have experienced to suffer pain till I cry in agony. I’ve encountered death and sorrow. I’ve watched thousands of horror and even felt isolated and abandoned. There are also the feeling of happiness when I won a lot of fights, when I met new friends, when we build different memories and experiences that is worth than a thousand treasures. But what I love about this adventure is falling in love more than once. And to experience a different kind of love story, feeling different electricity that runs through me and to fall in love over and over again is what I love about this adventure, wondering what kind of love story will happen to me in real life.


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Writing is Love!

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